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Dear Roof,

How are you up there? Do I look small all the way down here? You’re looking well but I noticed you are growing a little older. I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but aren’t we all? You may be a little rough around the edges but you’re still keeping the water out, right? Sure, you are! You are a good roof, I know it. How can I help you in your twilight years? You know you are getting to that age after all.

A little improvement in ventilation, you say? No problem! That will keep temperatures down in the summer months and the cooler you stay the longer you last. And we really want you to last.

Proper drainage wouldn’t hurt either I suppose. Moving water away quickly keeps you nice and dry and avoids water seepage. Not to mention all that water coming off you in a storm needs to be sent as far away from the home as it can to avoid settlement. I would really hate to see your proud lines bend and sag.

How about we seal up a couple of those exposed nail heads you have laying around? That’ll keep the water out and your underlayment nice and dry too.

That plumbing vent-boot looks a little worn too, let’s get that replaced to keep things fresh. Who doesn’t love a new pair of boots, am I right?

I noticed you have a couple of loose shingles. They look like they’re in good shape but we want to avoid the damage from those frequent windy days down here on the coast. So why don’t we re-secure those? There, that’s better.

I couldn’t help but notice the trees around here are getting a little close to your edges. That one over there is nearly to the top of the ridge! Let’s limb those back to avoid damage from the storms and let the sun shine on you. Everybody loves a little sunshine, right? We would hate to see that pesky moss and algae giving you early wrinkles.

You know what roof? You’ve always managed to keep us protected and dry and you’ve never asked for anything in return. We stay safe from the storms and the blazing heat because of you! You deserve all the love and care we can provide. You’re a good roof I just know it.

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