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It's Been Three Long Years.

Three long years ago in the “before time” you bought a house. March 2020 was exciting, wasn’t it? Mortgage rates were low, low, low and this Covid thing was just getting going. A couple weeks of lockdown and we’d all be fine. No big deal, right? Oh, how naïve we all were. But this isn’t a blog about covid or masks or anything else because we’ve had plenty of that. This is a post about the home inspection you got three years ago.

Three years is a long time for a house to be lived in. Day in and day out it gets used and abused. Think about your daily routine and how many times you use the doors, fixtures, A/C system, bathrooms and garage doors. When we get caught up in living, we forget that we still haven’t had that paint touched up like we said we would or trimmed that ominous tree branch hanging over the house, and did the home inspector mention something about the attic insulation? It’s been so long I can’t really remember, oh well.

Here's some advice, have your home inspected every three years for as long as you own it. That’s right every three years is the equivalent to your yearly health check at the doctor’s office. Nobody wants to go to the doctor and get poked and prodded but we know its in our best interest. The same goes for your house. A three-year inspection is a great way to stay on top of maintenance and keep your house happy for the long run. Even better is when its time to sell you won’t be overwhelmed with all the little fixes that need to be done to command the best prices.

Just because your house had a clean bill of health when you bought it doesn’t mean certain issues won’t develop over time without you realizing it. Especially things like slow drips in the water lines, crawlspace problems and expired smoke detectors.

This is a reminder to check you smoke detectors.

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