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"Pssht, an inspection? I don't need that!"

Famous last words right? The number one question we get from new home buyers is "why do I need an inspection"? We especially get this question from people who are building a brand new home (more about this later). Just because you like the way the house looks, or its location, or it's price doesn't mean it's a good house. In our estimation about 90% of all homes major issues come from the spaces in the home you just can't see. Places like the attic, roof, crawlspace and foundation. There's a reason new water heater cost's less than a thousand dollars to replace and a new roof costs about $10,000. When your water heater goes bad you know right away. There's no hot water to the sink or there's water all over your garage floor. Call the guy, order the heater, install and boom, you're done. The unfortunate truth is that many times you don't know your roof has reached the end of its usable life until its too late and you're looking at major damage to the rest of your home and a big ole bill.

Guess what? THAT RIGHT THERE is the value of an inspection. When we go in as licensed, professionally trained home inspectors we know what we're looking for in terms of roofs, crawlspaces, attics etc. And before you commit to paying a lot of money for the next 30 years you can be confident in your decision.

Now, back to brand new homes. In your mind you're probably thinking "its brand new, what can be wrong?". Once again we find ourselves facing the ugly truth. Just because it's new doesn't mean its better. Especially in this booming market, and, to no fault of their own builders can get a little sloppy sometimes. When you're building an entire neighborhood all at once things can get skipped over and corners cut. Now, in their defense most builders are honest and hard working people trying to do the best they can just like the rest of us. And, 99.9% of them give a 30 day window from the time you move in to mention any deficiencies you might come across and they'll fix it for free. So you just bought a house, it was expensive, and its clean and new. Why wouldn't you spend the little bit of extra cash to make sure your shiny new investment wasn't exactly what you wanted?

NEWS FLASH: There's no such thing as a perfect home! To this day we have never gone into a home that was old or new that didn't have some kind of deficiency and thats ok! What's not ok is making a poor buying decision based on emotions and not research.

So, find that perfect home, you deserve it. And when you find it call High Surf Home Inspections because nothing makes a house feel like a home like peace of mind.

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