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The Air Down There; A Crawlspace Tale

A wise and fearful man once said, “happy wife, happy life.” Anyone married knows that this is somehow, without question, absolutely true. Well buckle in folks because what I’m about to tell you will NOT make your wife or partner happy; It may cost of a lot money on your home, and you better believe nobody’s going to Live, laugh, or love their way out of this one. In fact, it will more than likely eat into the new appliance budget they have been wanting for so long. Certainly it will cut into that remodel and home décor allowance. So, let us GATHER, light a twenty-dollar candle, and GIVE THANKS for the health of your crawlspace. That’s right! Happy Crawlspace, Happy House!

If you bought a house that is more than 20 years old you more than likely have a crawlspace and even some newer homes have have them in some areas. All jokes aside, those dank, dark, and cramped spaces under our homes are the most important aspect of the entire structure. Nothing runs up a bill and settles a structure faster than an unhealthy crawlspace. You can paint, decorate, refinish, and coverup anything you want in your house but nothing, and I mean nothing, can be more frustrating, expensive, and downright gross than a crawlspace.

Crawlspaces are a fragile ecosystem that needs to be cared for properly. The real enemy to any crawlspace is moisture. Moisture can come from a lot of different places such as leaking pipes, ground water from the soil, and even rain water coming off the roof. Too much moisture and we have mold, termites, and a lingering smell that can work its way into a home. Those smells are often the result of mildew or mold which you will breathe in, and your children will breathe in, and your pets too. According to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine about 25% of people can be seriously allergic to all that nasty stuff.

Just like that Thankful sign in your hallway, floor systems are made from wood and wood rots. High moisture levels in crawlspaces can accelerate this process causing not just mold and pest infestation but also an actual failure of the structure itself. Feeling Blessed yet? Well guess what? THAT’S REALLY EXPENSIVE! You can Wine all you Want but fixing foundations and floor structures is dirty and technical work which translates to this year’s anniversary being celebrated at Olive Garden instead of Italy (although I do love me some soup, salad, and breadsticks).

So, let us Bless This Mess and get your crawlspace and whole home inspected. Even if you already own your Home Sweet Home it is never too late or too early to have a licensed professional (that’s me) have a look around. As another wise person once said, “dance like no one’s watching, and hire a home inspector.’’

Looks nice right?

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